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Zhucheng ding kang machinery co,,Itd located in the northern ring road of zhucheng economicdevelopment zone in shandong province,,close to railway,highway,the traffic is very convenient.Is acompany specializing in the production of Fried,pasteurization,cleaning drying equipment,all kinds of fry pan,pot and lines form a complete set of equipment of stainless steel products of the company.Company with independent import and export right,independent right of inspection.
The company has a professional engineering and technical personnel and advanced mechanical processing equipment,to provide energy saving,high efficiency,environmental protection,green technology products for the principle,processing customized for the user in accordance with process,reduce production costs,increase product added value of products.Scientific research personnel throughlearning by our company draw lessons from f preign adv anced Fried technology,in combination with thepractical needs of users in the domestic market,independent research and development of oil/waterseparation and pure oil filter scraping the slag fryingmachine,is approve by the domestic industry and learn from each other,communicate and study.