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There must be no confusion in the competition torrents

Recently, the black sesame in the "China's black sesame industry's first share" was widely watched due to the slump in performance. It is understood that in the past 2016, the company's net profit was 15 million - 20 million, down nearly 90% year-on-year. As profits fell, the safety issue of black sesame seeds in the South in 2016 was also revealed by spectators. The southern black sesame seeds that had twice climbed into the food safety black list seemed to have “burned a fire” in the new spring.
According to professional analysis, black sesame seeds in the south are indeed facing internal difficulties and difficulties. On the one hand, consumers of paste products are concentrated among middle-aged and elderly people. The development of the new young consumer market is very laborious and a key issue for the development of enterprises. On the other hand, there are problems with product quality and quality, and the product transformation and marketing efforts are thankless. Problems such as the aging of internal teams have become very prominent "tumors." In the fiercely competitive market for food and beverage products, the pace of change in new technologies, new products, and new concepts is accelerating, and it is constantly testing the technological strength, innovative strength, and marketing strength of food companies.
Due to the aging of the company's team, obsolete business philosophy, lack of operating systems and internal quality control systems, these three major problems in production, sales, and supply exist in any company and can be fatal. Food machinery manufacturers also need to pay close attention to the information on the food side, and constantly consider crisis considerations and opportunities for their own development. At present, China's food machinery and equipment manufacturing industry mainly focuses on small and medium-sized micro-enterprises. The existing pattern has some obvious drawbacks. For some companies, it is very necessary to reflect on the development laws or internal disadvantages of food companies. If you do, you will change it.
Quality is always the number one priority. In food companies, it is linked to consumers' rights and interests, and it is closely related to food safety. In the food machinery manufacturing industry, it is linked to customer operating efficiency and closely links production safety. Manufacturing companies must always set out from the customer's interests and needs to create quality products, ensure that each component, every piece of equipment, and every production line can operate effectively, and become a strong support for the efficient production of food companies. From another perspective, product quality is an invisible signboard of a company, and it is also a fundamental factor in seizing market influence. If you want to stand up in the market torrents, a momentary price war or gimmick cannot become the foundation for the foundation, and only the quality of realism is the root of the soil.
In the construction of corporate teams, food machinery manufacturers need to recognize the situation or trend and actively attract young, enthusiastic and creative new talents to meet the needs of the development of the current manufacturing industry. With the development of automation and intelligence, modern high-tech technologies such as man-machine interface, digital control, and electronic intelligence have been rapidly applied in the production of food machinery equipment. Informatization talents fully comply with the development plan of the food industry. Professionally-trained highly-qualified engineering talents are more sensitive to the future trends and market changes in the food machinery manufacturing industry. Incorporating ideological collisions with experienced technicians in the company can often bring about wonderful reactions.
Business philosophy is one of the key contents of a company's business. Only when it is always at the forefront, and it is constantly adjusted according to changes in the market, it can be expected to achieve a preemptive opportunity. The rapid development of the Internet economy has brought about an unprecedented trend and has become an important form of China’s economic development. As a representative of the real economy, manufacturing industry will realize a new trend. Through touch nets to achieve personalized customization, and in the form of "Internet +" to change the traditional sales or marketing model, its value space deep value mining. In a comprehensive view, in the new era, business operations need to be more fashionable and more relevant to actual production and life. This is also of great significance for channel expansion and promotion of ideas.
The existing predicament of black sesame in the south is undoubtedly a lesson from the past. Food manufacturers and food machinery and equipment manufacturing companies have differences in production and operation, and they also have common points. This is the operator's consideration. In summary, it seems that companies must maintain a dominant position and maintain their vitality. They must implement the spirit of innovation, constantly integrate new elements, and gain insights into what the market and customers need, so that they can go further and move steadily. No competition in the competition can be "confusing." Food machinery companies need to be prepared for peace and security.