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Traditional tea industry catches mechanized express trains

Jiangxi Tangchuan County Tanghu is the origin and main producing area of ​​the world famous tea camphor, and the local tea farmers have inherited traditional handmade tea making techniques. With the development of mechanization, tea production equipment such as pruning machines, fixing machines, kneading machines, and dryers are widely used. Nowadays, tea processing has been used mechanically, and the ecological environment has been effectively protected fully automatic tea makers, and effectively avoided. The embarrassing situation in the past, "a good leaf is difficult to make a good tea."
The dog's brain is produced in the Shibuya Mountain in Tanghu Town, Longchuan County, Jiangxi Province. One of the Sasagawa Sambos! The fresh leaves are collected from the local group leaflets and mined before and after Qingming. The standard is one bud and one leaf. After picking up the green, the first time rubbing the second green rubbing and rubbing the plastic rubbing the dry process and other processes. The tight shape of the finished product is beautiful, and the white hair is revealed. The buds are slightly hooked. The aroma is elegant, the frying machine has a slight fragrance, the bubble is deep after filling, the soup is clear, the taste is mellow, and the bottom is yellow-green.
Jiangxi Luanchuan Tanghu is located in the south of Luojing Mountain. It has many mountains and less land. It is high in altitude and has four seasons surrounded by mist and fog. It is very suitable for the growth of tea. It is the origin and main producing area of ​​the world's famous tea camphor. Every family makes tea as their father. The town has a total of more than 50,000 acres of tea, an average of 10 acres per household, and it is a veritable tea township.
In the history of tea development for hundreds of thousands of years, the local tea growers have inherited traditional handcrafted tea making techniques. Every spring tea market season, tea growers pick fresh leaves during the day, and at night they keep close to firewood stoves. Drying is done in a wok. In this way, it is very difficult to make 2-3 kg of dry tea one night, which is neither efficient nor clean, not to mention that waste is often caused by poor heat control, which makes the tea farmers very sad.
Since 2008, Tanghu Town has used the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy to include the tea production equipment such as pruning machines, fixing machines, kneading machines and dryers into the subsidy range, and the subsidy ratio has reached 20% to 30%, setting off a purchase in the local area. Tea production equipment boom. Up to now, the town has a total of more than 6,000 tea processing machinery, and a total of 5 million yuan in subsidies has been distributed to realize the mechanization of all other aspects except picking.
Luo Chuanen of Baitu Village is engaged in tea processing. In the past few years, he replaced a set of high-power tea making equipment. Every spring tea market, he can process three or four hundred kilograms of dry tea a day, which is the output of the original one or two months. Get windy.
In the past, Tanghu Lake in autumn and winter season was full of “fire wolf smoke,” everyone is busy cutting wood, charcoal, to prepare fuel for the coming year. Nowadays, machinery is used for tea processing. There are fewer woodcuts, more tea leaves, more vegetation, more than 80% forest coverage, and effective protection of the ecological environment. Effectively avoiding the embarrassing situation of the past, “a good leaf is difficult to make good tea”, led to an upsurge of growing tea and making tea. The area of ​​tea has also grown from 20,000 mu to 50,000 mu, and the annual output of dry tea has reached 1,500. Tons, annual output value of 250 million yuan. Using mechanical frying tea not only brings sweetness and wealth, but also liberates both hands and frees up the way of thinking. Many farmers, in their spare time, started tea garden music and embarked on a new road of “combination of tea and travel”. Small tea towns welcomed guests from all over the world.
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