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The price determines the quality, electromagnetic heating fryers leaping out of food processing equipment

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the accelerating pace of life, people’s improvement of the material level is more and more obvious. People not only eat but also eat well, eat nutritiously, eat safely, and fry. The leisure food has been more and more popular and loved by people. It has also promoted the rapid development and improvement of related food processing equipment. The first is the fully automatic oil-water mixed fryer. Today we mainly introduce electromagnetic heating. Fryer related knowledge and information;
Electromagnetic heating fryer details:
1. Efficient: Electromagnetic heating is adopted, and the preheating speed is fast. Compared with the heating tube fryer, the power consumption is 20-30%, saving power is saving money;
2, security: 18 waterproof protection, such as waterproof, leak-proof, anti-oil, anti-dry protection, use more peace of mind;
3, energy saving: there is no heat conduction and heat radiation, more than 50% energy saving than ordinary gas / oil stove;
4, environmental protection: no open flame, no smoke, no exhaust gas, ultra-quiet design (45 decibels or less);
5, beautiful: all stainless steel Seiko to create a shell, 6 PCT thicker floor, durable, beautiful and generous;
6, intelligent design: large reel, uniform heating, 5-speed magnetic switch, precise temperature control;
7. The use of advanced technology advanced German Infineon IGBT module design, long service life;
8, advanced microcomputer control, with over-temperature protection, automatic fault detection, too low voltage and phase loss protection;
9, can be customized according to customer needs, different sizes, power electromagnetic equipment.
Stainless steel automatic electromagnetic heating automatic discharge frying pan automatic fried dough stick equipment fried food is one of the traditional food in our country, whether it is the fried taffy, fried spring rolls, croquettes, or the fritters that are eaten every day. Cakes, noodles, French fries, fried bread, fried chicken wings, snacks, potato chips, fried crackers, etc. are all fried foods. Fried foods are popular with many adults and children because of their crisp, delicious taste and fragrant nose. They are popular among many adults and children. The frying machines we produce for the Energy Saving Equipment Factory include frying pans, frying machines and single-frame frying. Pots, double-frame frying pans, frying lines, fully-automatic frying pans, multi-function frying machines, mesh belt frying lines, etc. Various models are available for you to choose and can be custom-made according to customers' different requirements.
Zhucheng Dingkang Machinery Co., Ltd. is located 300 meters north of the armed forces division of the Zhucheng Economic Development Zone. It is close to the railway and expressway, and the transportation is very convenient. Our company is a collection of scientific research, manufacturing and sales. Specializing in the production of frying machines, frying lines, pasteurized lines, strong flow dryers and other stainless steel food machinery company. The company has strong technical force, complete equipment and testing methods.
The company has professional engineering and technical talents, and always builds high-tech products with environmental protection, green and energy-saving for R&D projects, and builds reliable brands for users. The oil and water separation type and pure oil scraped slag type fryers developed by our company's scientific research personnel through absorption of foreign advanced technology have various types. Complete specifications. Can be used for fried chicken, fish, fried fritters, peanuts, potato chips, shrimp, chicken, beans, Shaqima, casseroles, peas, vegetables and other foods. It is an ideal equipment for food production companies, food and beverages, cooked food processing, and canteens.