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Suzhou Fatty Incense Food Co., Ltd. tilting electromagnetic heating boiler shipping

Suzhou Fatty Fragrance Foods Co., Ltd. tilting electromagnetic heating boiler delivery. This electromagnetic heating cooking pot pot body is a one-time spinning molding hemisphere pot body, thickness is 3mm, diameter is 1000mm, the bottom of the pot body, frame body 40mmX60mmX2mm stainless steel 304 square tube.
2, the heating mode is electromagnetic type, electromagnetic 30KW, 6-speed control.
3, The material discharge method is worm-wheel worm-inclinable, with a hopper.
4. Insulation system: It is made of high temperature resistant aluminum silicate material and used as insulation material. Good sealing. Ensure that the heat inside the box is not bad because of the seal. Scattered to the outside.
As long as good quality can get the trust of customers, in 2017 Dingkang Machinery is willing to cooperate with old and new customers, select frying equipment, frying lines, and frying machines. We are your partner of choice. You just need, We are just professional.