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Fully automatic production line

Electric heating type frying pan is divided into oil-water separation and pure oil type. The equipment is mainly used for frying processing of flour products, meat products.

Crisps (crisps) automatic production line



Equipment introduction::


The crisps were all made of food level SUS304, and the full automatic processing mode was adopted. From the raw material to the finished product, it was finished in 13 steps, and the automatic and non operating mode was completely realized. The peeling machine used a spiral stick to rub against the product to remove the skin, and the thickness of the skin could be up to 1mm. The slicer used a high-frequency steering wheel, and through the gap between the cutting tools, the cutting tools were Japanese joint venture brands; The scalding machine used steam or electric heat tube to heat it directly, and it could control the temperature automatically. The rotating of the drum could quickly remove the amount of starches contained in the product;

Electric heating, gas heating, electric heating, PLD mode accurately checked the temperature difference between the oil and 1-3*. The filter system could filter out the fine dregs in the oil, extend the service life of the oil, and improve the taste quality of the products;

The duster was in a fixed rolling mode with a brush. The width of the duster was customized and adjusted according to the width of the net belt; The material mixing machine used a rotating drum, and there was a mixing plate in the drum to ensure the even taste of the materials.


process flow:


Automatic processing mode·13 steps


As long as he pressed the working button, the perfect fried effect could be achieved


The quality of the diamond

It was easy to operate

Stable performance

Energy saving and environment friendly

Use of the equipment:


Use the video:


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