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Frying equipment

Electric heating type frying pan is divided into oil-water separation and pure oil type. The equipment is mainly used for frying processing of flour products, meat products.



Equipment introduction:


Jerry brand box series shallow fried thread machines were specially designed for instant noodles, instant noodles, instant noodles, Milan cookies and other food. This equipment was designed and made with electric heat as heat source according to the principles of heat and requirements of food. It could fried different types of products. The frying time, temperature, oil level and scum could be automatically controlled. The frying process was simple and safe, and it was easy to clean and repair. It could save oil consumption and energy. The equipment had been put on the market for a period of time. It had been retouched from the early stage to the late stage of successful technical experience, and had been highly praised by the customers. The equipment was improved according to the mature foreign advanced technology, and it was upgraded according to the customer's use situation. It was a fully automatic one key operation mode, an automatic oil temperature control system, an automatic oil refilling system of high and low oil levels, and a precise residue collection and filtering system. The assembly line work mode was achieved, It greatly reduced the cost of manpower, increased the production capacity and guaranteed the unified and standard quality of the products.



One click · Control fuel temerature


Instant noodles fried in Milan / shrimp cakes


As long as he pressed the working button, the perfect fried effect could be achieved


The quality of the diamond

It was easy to operate

Stable performance

Energy saving and environment friendly

Use of the equipment:


Use the video:


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