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Dkqx food box washing machine

The working principle of the machine is high-pressure and high-temperature water cleaning. The high-pressure water pump circulates the heated water in the water tank to the spray pipe, which is sprayed by the nozzle on the spray pipe to form a high-pressure and high-temperature water flow to wash the turnover box and wash the dirt away from the surface of the turnover box. During cleaning Various cleaning solvents can be added to improve the cleaning effect. Except for the motor and nozzle, the machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel. The nozzle adopts temperature resistant quick disassembly plastic fan-shaped nozzle, and the brush is made of food grade nylon wire. clean The water tank is divided into two groups, each group is equipped with a filtering device, the clean water source can be recycled, the nozzle cleans the turnover basket from four directions, and multi-channel cleaning ensures that the surface is clean. Both sides of the cleaning room are movable waterproof doors, and both ends are closed with soft door curtains Water, convenient for equipment overhaul and maintenance.

Dkqx food box washing machine



Equipment introduction:


  Fast temperature rise and high energy utilization rate can save energy consumption and cost for customers. Multi layer belt structure, small floor area and resource saving. The high-power circulating fan ensures the uniform temperature distribution of the whole machine without convection dead angle, speeds up water evaporation and improves production efficiency.

This series of drying equipment is customized according to customer requirements. The aluminum silicate cotton insulation design of the whole machine makes full use of heat energy and good drying effect.



Equipment use:


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